Sunday, July 01, 2007

Giving into the force

After reading endless articles and reviews of the iPhone, I decided that the slow Edge network from AT&T was a non-starter and that I was not going to get an iPhone. Many of my friends were surprised, as I am usually very excited about new gadgets. I was always on the waiting list for the newest Treo, and given what a Mac fanatic I am, an iPhone seemed like a no brainer.

This past week, old friends came out of the woodwork to ask me when I was getting my iPhone and if I was planning on sleeping in line. It was a big topic of conversation at work. I replied that I was going to be patient, and that I thought the drawbacks were serious, so I was not going to do it.

Well, this weekend was Ann's birthday, and I took her to NYC to a couple of Broadway shows while our babysitter stayed home with the kids. (After our 2 week vacation in Israel, a break from the little ones was necessary for our sanity anyway.) On Friday night, the Apple stores opened their doors to the masses for iPhones sales, and all of the major media covered it. Enthusiastic early adopters who waited in line for several days were shown on TV walking out with their new iPhones to massive applause. We watched from our hotel in the city on CNN. Our hotel was several blocks from the Apple store, and on Saturday morning, I was so drawn to it that Ann and I decided to go our separate ways for a few hours. She went shopping for shoes at Macy's, and I walked to the Apple store. It was really quite a sight. I found a table with an iPhone and played with it for about 5 minutes. My heart was racing as I began observing all of the features and the interface first hand. I was soon in line to buy my own without really understanding why. I had decided earlier that I was going to wait until the next version of the phone came out with fewer bugs and hopefully a faster network. After all, it wouldn't kill me to wait a few months. I've been fine with my Treo.

As I walked back to the hotel with my new iPhone bag, people on the street stopped me to talk and ask me if I really had an iPhone in there. Several made me pull out the box and show it to them. In the elevator in the hotel, people asked me about it. By the time I met up with Ann, I had already connected it to my laptop and downloaded a new version of iTunes to my computer that supported the phone. At breakfast this morning, I was playing with it, and the people at the table next to me started asking me about it. I decided that one of the undocumented features of this phone is that it makes people friendly.

Anyway, my Treo 750 that I used to love so much is now a paper weight. Yes, the iPhone has some serious drawbacks, but my love affair with it has begun, and when I leave it in the other room for a few minutes, I already miss it.