Friday, June 30, 2017

8 Days and Counting

It's finally almost here - the trip we've been planning for months and dreaming about for years. In the last few weeks, we kind of lost our minds and decided to buy our lifetime dream boat, a Prestige 560 Fly. We knew we would do this some day, and decided what better time than right before our 3 week boat trip to Boston? We named the boat Sababa, a Hebrew word that indicates that things could not be better, and with a boat like this, and this upcoming trip with my family, that's how I feel!

Here is the view from the back:

Sababa will be our home for 3 weeks in July
And from the side:

Side view of Sababa, measuring 3 inches shy of 60 feet long, with a 16 foot beam
Over the last six months, we mapped out an itinerary with several key milestones that include poker and shopping in Atlantic City along with dinner with Aliya and Dan from NJ at Buddakan, a "drive by" to waive at the Jays on the NJ shore, a play on Broadway (School of Rock), pizza (vegan for some) in Mystic, Ct, visiting Amy & Michael (Ann's brother and family) in Providence, Martha's Vineyard, biking in Nantucket, touring Falmouth on Cape Cod, and the highlight of our trip: stopping in Boston for two nights to visit Tamara at Camp Young Judea in New Hampshire during visiting day; and let's not forget, Peter Lugar's with Cousins Kenny and Laurie in Brooklyn on the way home. Finally, we may be joined by the Geva boys in Brooklyn for the final stretch back to Baltimore. Click for our full itinerary.

Elana, our aspiring writer, has been commissioned (a paid gig!) by the magazine marinalife to write a story about our adventure that will be featured in the Spring or Fall issue, giving the perspective of an 18 year old on this great adventure.

I charted out the route on google maps:

Rubin 2017 Summer Trip
Expectation is that we will traverse about 1,081 nautical miles, putting about 52 hours on each engine, about 70 hours on the generator,  and use 3,000 gallons of diesel fuel. Value: Priceless!

My plan is to post a blog at least every travel day to share details of our adventure, along with pictures and insights.