Monday, August 17, 2015

Transcript of my text messages with our driver yesterday

Driver: Hi this is Raza your driver. I'm on my way to DCA to pick you up. 7:46 AM 
DriverBut the when I check the flight it says it's coming in the evening. 
DriverI would like to confirm 7:46 AM 
Driver: Please txt me or call me. Thanks 7:46 AM 
Me: Just landed. Our flight was from tel aviv to Newark. We have a connection to DCA and 
Me: will land this evening. Sorry if there was confusion about AM vs PM. I just got your 
Me: message because we were flying for the last 12 hours. 5:07 PM 
Me: Just making sure you know we have 5 people and 5 very large suitcases. 5:20 PM 
DriverI have suburban 5:21 PM 
Driver: It will fit 5:21 PM 
Me: Looks like a half hour delay. 6:43 PM 
DriverWhat time is taking off ? 7:35 PM 
Me: They changed it from 7:27 to 7:55 and now to 8:10. Problem is that pilot is sick and they 
Me: are trying to find replacement pilot. They said they will update us soon. I will keep you 
Me: posted. 7:36 PM 
Driver: Thank you 7:37 PM 
Me: They just updated our departure time to 8:28. 7:52 PM 
Driver It means 10pm you are coming to DCA. I'm sorry to hear about the delay but I will be 
Driver there on time 7:53 PM 
Me: Thanks. This is hard after a 12 hour flight. The kids are very tired. 7:53 PM 
Driver: I can understand that I will be there on time 8:01 PM 
Me: Thank you!! 8:01 PM 
Me: They just updated departure time to 8:50... 8:31 PM 
Driver: Oh Gosh... This is too much 8:35 PM 
Me: Apparently they are having trouble locating a pilot for us. 8:38 PM 
Driver: But is it final that flight is departing at 8:50 8:41 PM 
Me: No just the latest update. Nothing is final until they find a pilot. 8:41 PM 
Me: They just keep pushing it back 8:41 PM 
Me: And changing the departure time  8:42 PM 
Driver: How about if come to Newark to pick you up :) ... 8:42 PM 
Driver: It was a joke 8:42 PM 
Me: Ha! It might be faster!! 8:43 PM 
Driver: I hope they schedule something soon 8:43 PM 
Me: You will be first to know. 8:43 PM 
Driver: Thanks 8:43 PM 
Me: New update is 9:15 believe it or not. It will be a miracle if we actually get out 8:54 PM 
DriverPlease let me know before you take off 8:55 PM 
Me: I will. 8:55 PM 
Driver:Thank you 8:55 PM 
Me: New update: 9:45 8:59 PM 
Driver:I hope it takes off on time 9:00 PM 
Me: Might be faster if we just walk. 9:04 PM 
DriverHahahaha 9:04 PM 
Me: They found us a pilot. Boarding in a few minutes!! 9:14 PM 
Driver: It say 9:45 9:15 PM 
Me: Yeah. 9:45 departure but maybe boarding soon. 9:16 PM 
Driver: I'm 40 mins away from you. As your flight takes off I will leave 9:16 PM 
Me: Ok. I will send one last text when I am on the plane in my seat. 9:18 PM 
Driver: Ok :) 9:18 PM 
Me: Keep in mind that our luggage might take 15-20 minutes to arrive after we land. 9:18 PM 
Driver: No problem I can wait 9:18 PM 
Me: You're the best! 9:19 PM 
DriverNo problem it's my job 9:19 PM 
Me: I am seated. Turning off phone. 9:26 PM 
DriverGreat !!! 9:26 PM 
Driver: I will see you at 10:30 9:27 PM 
Me: Deal! 9:28 PM 
Me: Just landed. 10:32 PM 
DriverGreat I'm here 10:33 PM 
Driver: Txt me when you get your luggage 10:33 PM 
Me: We have 4 bags so far out of 5 10:47 PM 
Me: Now we have 5 10:47 PM 
DriverNo problem I'm here waiting for you 10:47 PM 
Me: We are by door #4 10:47 PM 
DriverOk I'm coming flasher on 10:48 PM 
Me: Where do we go? 10:48 PM