Sunday, October 01, 2006

Michigan 5-0; Ravens 4-0

While this blog has been devoted almost entirely to e-voting, I'm going to take a quick break with this post because my favorite football teams are off to an incredible start. Michigan is 5-0, ranked 6th, and appears to be headed for an incredible showdown with Ohio State. I think it is reasonably likely that Michigan and Ohio State will both be undefeated and ranked 2 and 1 respectively when they play.

Meanwhile, the Baltimore Ravens are 4-0 after two unbelievable endings in their last two games. Those two games were pretty painful to watch, but the Ravens somehow pulled them out, due in no small part to their new quarterback, Steve McNair. I still prefer college ball, but when the local NFL team is 4-0 after some pretty frustrating seasons, you gotta love it.

Go Blue!!!
Go Ravens!!!