Saturday, July 08, 2017

Day Zero

We took Gimel to the dog walker's house around 12:30 and then left home at 1 pm. Loaded up the car, and left home for 3 weeks. It took us about 3 hours to unpack everything into the boat and settle in. Then, Benny and I watched the US/Panama Gold Cup soccer game while Ann and Elana walked around the Inner Harbor looking for a place for dinner.
Watching US Gold Cup soccer
We walked around the harbor, and most of the restaurants had 45+ minute waits, so we went one block away from the water and got into P.F. Changs with no wait. Eating with my vegan family means little or no sharing for me, but that's okay.
Dinner at P.F. Changs
After dinner, we walked to Harbor Place, and my good friend the talented Michael Rosman was performing. He does amazing feats of comedy. I took a picture of him juggling knives and a torch with his son Ethan while riding a 9' unicycle (Ethan's was "only" six feet high) and wearing a kilt. Ethan happened to be downtown on a date and got roped into the act by Michael.
Michael and Ethan Rosman riding unicycles and juggling
With Michael Rosman after his show
Later, we walked to Harbor Point and checked out this awesome new spot in Baltimore. The harbor area is really growing and improving fast. I took some nice shots of the city along the way. All these pictures were taken with my iPhone. It does such a good job, that it's the only camera I brought on the trip.

Inner Harbor is beautiful
A nice view walking back to the boat
After his last show of the evening, Michael visited us on Sababa, and we hung out for a while. Tomorrow, the plan is to go jogging with Elana and Benny around the harbor at 7:30 a.m. and then cast off at 9:00.